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Renewal & Refund - Subscription Events
Renewal & Refund - Subscription Events

Subscription events generated upon subscription renewal and refund

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The following events were designed to bring you a deep understanding of your customers' behavior and help you trigger powerful automation.

⚠️ Only ACTIVATE and DEACTIVATE events are sent to you by default. If you would like to receive below events, you have to enable them in our console:


Event Name


Marketing recommendation


The subscription has been renewed.

You could use some of these occurrences to send them a satisfaction survey. We recommend you only communicate with active subscribers.


The app publisher has decided to extend the subscription period by X days for free, before the subscription cycle resumes as before.

The date when that period will end can be found in the attribute "defer_end_at".

You could highlight to the subscriber the reason, value, and length of the free access period they have been granted, while also stressing the exact date at which the paying subscription will resume.


Event Name


Marketing recommendation


The subscriber was refunded for their subscription. The former subscriber no longer has access to the subscription benefits.

You should confirm to the subscriber that they have been refunded. If unclear, you could also send them a refunding survey. Based on their answers and the info you'll receive as part of the event attributes, you may want to send them a special offer to entice them to subscribe again.

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