Pause - Subscription Events

Subscription events generated upon subscription pause

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The following events were designed to bring you a deep understanding of your customers' behavior and help you trigger powerful automation.

⚠️ Only ACTIVATE and DEACTIVATE events are sent to you by default. If you would like to receive below events, you have to enable them in our console:


Event Name


Marketing recommandation


The subscriber has set a pause starting on the next renewal date.

You could confirm to the subscriber that their subscription will be paused. You could send the subscriber a survey to clearly identify why they have planned to pause the subscription.


The subscription has now paused. The subscriber no longer has access to the subscription benefits.

Let the customer know that the pause they planned have started on this day and that they will no longer have access to the subscription benefits during the pause. You could remind them of the date of the pause.


The subscription has resumed.

You could let the customer know that their subscription has resumed. You could also remind them of all benefits included in their subscription.


The subscriber has cancelled the subscription during the subscription pause.

You could send a cancellation survey to clearly identify why the user has cancelled the subscription. Based on their feedback and the information you'll get as part of the event attributes, you could envision sending a promotional offer before the end of the current subscription cycle, in an attempt to retain the subscriber.


The customer has cancelled the subscription pause he had set before it even starts.

You could confirm to the subscriber that their subscription will not be paused. You could let them know how pleased you are that they no longer feel the need to pause their subscription.

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