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Dashboard- Cohorts
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Analyse your retention and your conversion evolution by cohorts

Retention Cohorts

This table is showing how paying subscribers renew overtime. The cohort are defined by the start of their subscription. This give you a good overview of overall retention and cohorts behaviour and value. The last item of each line is the current incomplete period giving you the number of subscriber currently active.

  • The first column shows the period (month, week, day)

  • The second column shows the total number of subscribers.

  • The third column show the number of remaining person on the first period

  • Each row contains the retention of people who started their subscription at a particular period. The last item corresponds to the current month and numbers will probably change

Trial Cohorts

Trial to paid conversion by cohorts. For each period you can see how many people that started a trial have converted it.

These graphs shows a way to see how different cohorts converted from a new trial and new intro offer price to a paid subscription.

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