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What is Intro or trial pricing?

Intro or trial pricing is a pricing approach aimed to attract customers to your product or service by offering a special price or giving a free trial for a stipulated period. This approach lets you create a new customer audience for the new entry.

Intro and trial offers can be scheduled directly in the App Store, with the constraint that only ONE active intro or trial offer can be active for a given in-app subscription at the same time.

If you want to test 2 different intros or trial periods at the same time, you should create 2 separate In-App Subscriptions and group them in the same subscription group.

E.g. you want to test at the same time for your yearly subscription to see which performs best between:

  • 1 week of free trial

  • 2 weeks with a 50% discount

In this case you need to create 2 different In-App Subscriptions in the App Store and group them in the same Subscription group. Add scheme with yearly plan 1 (1 week free trial) & yearly plan 2 (2 weeks with 50% discount) in the same subscription group

Introductory offers will let you personalize with different metrics as follows

  1. Geographical location (countries and regions for the introductory offer)

  2. Start and end date (it's mandatory to provide the start date)

  3. Type of introductory offer

  • Pay as you go - the subscriber will pay for the plan periodically.

  • Pay upfront - the subscriber will pay for the entire period of promotion and then revert to the default pricing.

  • Free - during the mentioned period the subscription will be free and then it will revert to the default pricing.

Pay attention !!

  • Only one promotional offer can be used at a time under one subscription group. For example, a subscriber has already benefited from an introductory offer on the monthly subscription, they will not benefit from the intro offer when switching to a yearly subscription,

  • You can change them after the stipulated period and configure two intro prices in different countries


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