With the recent changes, the subscription objects are currently structured as shown below:

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Create a Subscription

Every subscription consists of one or more base plans and one or more offer plans.

  1. Connect to the Google Play Console
    Navigate to the following section: Google Play Console > All apps > [YOUR APP] > Monetize > Products > Subscriptions

  2. Click on Create a subscription

  3. Fill in the Product ID and description

After creating a subscription, you have to add a basic package and activate it.

Creating base plans/basic package

  1. Basic package id- Before creating a base plan, carefully plan your base plan IDs. Base plan IDs must be unique to your app and can’t be changed or reused after they’ve been created.

  2. Type of renewal -

    Auto-renewing: Automatically renews unless canceled by the user

    1. Billing period: Duration of subscription entitlement (1 week to 1 year)

    2. Grace period: Duration of subscription retention during the payment issue. The length can vary between one to 30 days.

    3. Changes to basic package or customer offer: Choose how to apply any remaining paid days when users change offers.

    4. Resubscribe: Allow/deny the user from resubscribing after cancellation or expiration of their subscription.

    Prepaid: Users will need to make a manual payment to extend their plan.

    1. Duration: Duration of subscription entitlement(1 day to 1 year).

    2. Allow the extension: Allow/deny the user from extending the subscription.

  3. Tags: You can optionally add tags to identify the base plan or the offer in the API.

  4. Manage Country/region: Users can only purchase your subscriptions in the regions where your base plan is available.

  5. Set Price: Enter the tax-exclusive price and currency you want to use.

  6. Click Update and Save.

Creating Offer plans

  1. Offer ID: The offer ID must be unique to your app, and it can’t be changed or reused after it's been created.

  2. Base plan and availability: Your offer automatically inherits the availability of the base plan it's associated with. To change this, click Manage country/region availability.

  3. Eligibility criteria: Select the offer's eligibility criteria to determine which customers the offer is available to

    1. New customer acquisition

      1. Never had this subscription: This offer will be available to users who never had this subscription.

      2. Never had any subscription: This offer will be available to users who never had any subscription to your app.

    2. Upgrade

      1. Current subscription: The offer is only available to users with the selected subscription(list of all subscriptions).

      2. Existing billing period: The offer is only available to users who have selected the billing period(any to yearly).

      3. Redemption cap: The offer is claimed once or an unlimited number of times

    3. Developer determined: The developer determines customer eligibility

  4. Tags: It's optional, tags are added to identify the base plan or the offer in the API

Add a phase to the offer plan

You can create sequential offers to a base subscription plan. This is achieved by creating phases to the offer plan.

We can add up to 2 phases.

  1. Type: Choose the phase type from any of the following:

    1. Single payment: Subscribers pay upfront for a specified period

    2. Recurring payment: Subscribers pay for each and a specified number of periods

    3. Free trial: Subscribers are granted with a specified number of days, weeks, months, or years at no charge(3 days to 3 years)

  2. Price override:

    1. Fixed amount: A set amount

      1. set all prices: Set a price fixed amount for the offer plan.

    2. Percentage discount: A percentage discount from the base price

      1. update all discount percentages: select the countries/regions you want to set the prices in bulk.

    3. Absolute discount: A fixed discount from the base price

      1. update all discounts: select the countries/regions you want to set the discount.

    Once all the prices and offers are set, activate the base plan, offer plan, and subscription.

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