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Offer code- Creation in Apple App Store Connect
Offer code- Creation in Apple App Store Connect
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There are two different ways an offer code can be configured in Apple App Store as:

  1. One-Time Use Codes

  2. Custom Codes

You have 150,000 offer codes available for your app every 3 months. You can create one-time codes and custom codes for an offer.

You can create an offer code in two simple steps:

Source: Apple Help

⚠️Make sure that your subscription duration is well selected before creating an offer.

Step 1: Create an Offer :

In order to set up an offer , navigate to:

  1. From My Apps, select your app ->Features -> Subscriptions -> Choose Subscription groups

2. In the Subscription Groups, select the Subscription you want to create an offer code -> Subscription Prices section, and click the add button (+) -> click Create Offer Codes, then click the add button (+)

3. Creating an Offer:

  1. Offer Reference Name: Enter a reference name for the offer

  2. Choose Customer Eligibility: and click next

    • New: Users who have never subscribed to any subscription within the group

    • Existing: Users who are currently subscribed to a product within the group

    • Expired: Users who were previously subscribed to a product within the group, but whose subscription has expired.

  3. Introductory Offers:

    • Yes: Eligible customers can redeem both an introductory offer and this code

    • No: Eligible customers will have replaced their introductory offer with this code

4. The next page let you choose Countries/Regions for your offer and click Next

5. Choose either one of the below offer and click Submit

  • Pay as you go: If you select Pay as you go, customers pay a discounted price for each billing period for a selected duration

  • Pay upfront: If you select Pay up front, customers pay a one-time discounted price for a selected duration

  • Free: If you select Free, customers access the subscription for free for a selected duration.

Step 2: Create a code :

One-Time Use Codes :

  • Number of Codes to Create: 500 to 25,000 codes can be created

  • Expiration Date: can be set to a maximum of 6 months

Once you have created those codes, you can download or deactivate at any moment.

Custom Codes:

  • Custom code: should be alphanumeric and can be to a maximum of 64 character

  • Redemption limit: 500 to 25,000 times

  • Expiration Date: can be set to a maximum of 6 months

Once you have created those codes, you can deactivate them at any moment.

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