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What are Intro Price labels in the Console. How do they work?
What are Intro Price labels in the Console. How do they work?

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If you are already connected to the Console and Paywall Builder, then you have surely come in touch with the Intro Price fields.

They are found under the Purchase or Picker Buttons Paywall builder sections.

The logic behind them is that Purchasely is able to identify if an Introductory Offer has been set for a given plan in the Stores and display information accordingly.

Introductory Offers are a promotion tool made available by the different stores to drive discovery of your product (more information on this for iOS and Android). They have since become the best practice for most app editors and publishers.

Because you may want to iterate on promotional pricing levels and try-out different combinations options to define the sweet spot of maximising your trial-to-conversion rate, we believe it is best to target and tailor the message displayed in case an Introductory Offer is available.

Overall our recommendations regarding Purchase Button and Pickers content are as follow:

  • Set an introductory price to incentivize try out.
    (note: this will impact the lower renewal cohort's performance rates as trying for the free or limited price is less engaging for users).

  • Test different Introductory Prices by adjusting the current plan rather than creating new ones.

    • Can be planned for iOS.

    • Needs to be done live for Android.

  • Make sure to fill all information fields to support all cases with and without Introductory Offers and use the tags to set all plan-related information (Price, Duration, Periodicity, Plan Savings value etc....).

    This way, you can ensure even in the case some changes are made at the Application Store level, which will automatically impact your Paywall, you remain compliant with legal requirements seamlessly.

    Another case we've encountered is when you set different introductory offers in different geographies. Using tags only will enable consistent and intelligible content across your markets.

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