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how to manage intro pricing in paywalls

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An intro or trial pricing is a pricing approach aimed to attract customers to your product or service by offering a special price or a free trial for a stipulated period of time. This approach lets you create a new customer audience for a new entry.

In your paywall for each label you can set a:

  1. “title”

  2. “intro”

The second one will be used if the plan has an active intro price.

You can see the "intro" text field by tapping on the OPTIONS button. You can then use the INTRO PRICE tag and INTRO DURATION to display: [INTRO_AMOUNT] during [INTRO_DURATION] and then [PRICE].

If you have an introductory price available, EVERY intro will be used instead of the regular price. So don't forget to set it even if it is the same text.

The preview displays only the regular price as of now. The intro replaces the text when a displayed product has an intro price.

In the Paywall module, you can specify the introductory price in the Intro field (please click on Options next to the subtitle field to fill in the intro price details).

If there is no introductory price configured in the App Store, the information in the subtitle field will be displayed in the application by the SDK.

In Purchasely, the intro price is configured under the purchase buttons or plan pickers. The Intro field can be filled in and it will be automatically activated when the intro period starts in the App Store.

When you provide the introductory offer, be clear about the price after the intro duration in the paywall. You can find different templates with various features available in the Purchasely Console.

The screenshot below shows the intro price configured and not configured.

In Purchase Buttons, if an intro or trial offer has been set in the application store, the Purchasely SDK will display the content of the INTRO field. If no intro or trial offer is active, the Purchasely SDK will fall back and display the title or subtitle.

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