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Promo code- Creation in Google Play Console
Promo code- Creation in Google Play Console
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The offer code in the Google Play Console provides users using a free paid app, in-app product, or subscription with a promo code. The offer code is linked to the base plan of a subscription in the Google Play Console.

⚠️ In order to create codes, the subscription to which these codes are linked must be backward-compatible.

In Play Console, select your app, Go to Monetise -> Products -> Promo codes, and click Create Promo Code

Source: Google Help

Promo code in Google Play Console can be created in three steps:

Step 1: Setting up promotion details

  1. Promotion name: promotion name to identify the promo in the console.

  2. Start date and time: start date and time of the promotion code.

  3. End date and time: end date and time of the promotion code.

Step 2: Selecting Promotion Type

  1. In-app product- Consumable or Non-Consumable

  2. Subscription- Auto-renewing subscription only (Promotion can't be created for prepaid products)

  3. To renew your subscription, you have to choose the number of days of the free trial

Step 3: Choosing promo code type

  1. Code Type- Can be either One-time codes or Custom code

  2. Number of codes- Number of times the code is redeemed

    1. Must be greater than or equal to 2000 for custom codes.

    2. For one-time code- it can be greater than or equal to 1.

If you’re adding a custom code, enter the code and the redemption limit.

Finally, click create on the pop-up that appears as below:

⚠️ Here are some things to consider when creating a custom code:

  • Custom codes must be unique per app, meaning you can’t reuse a custom code in the same app for a different campaign.

  • Custom codes must be alphanumeric and are not case-sensitive.

  • We recommend adding a year or date to the end of your custom code to make it easier to track when each code is enabled.

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