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My Paywall does not display any price, instead I see " - "
My Paywall does not display any price, instead I see " - "

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You have started testing your In-App Purchase flow but the Prices are not being displayed in the Paywall Purchase Buttons as expected.

Instead of the Price set for the Plans, only a "-" shows on your screen.

There can be various reasons for the Price not being displayed in the Paywall.

Before going into more details and troubleshooting steps, let us explain how the Purchasely SDK gets the information to display Paywalls.

How does the Purchasely SDK gets the information to display Paywalls

In order to display a Paywall, the Purchasely SDK performs 2 calls in parallel :

  1. A call to the Purchasely API to fetch and present the Paywall Design and graphic elements.

  2. A call to the specific OS App Store to get the prices associated to the Plan linked to the Purchasely Console.

Troubleshooting the issue

Because the SDK rely on the connexion to the App Stores to display the prices, please check that the following steps have been properly implemented :

  1. Check that the device you are testing with is connected to the internet so our API can connect to the Store to display the Price.

    If the device is connected, then apply the following steps :

  2. Connect to your App Stores.

    • Make sure you have no pending contracts to be agreed upon.

    • Make sure the App and In-App Purchases are eligible in the country you are testing from.

    • Check that the In-App Purchase or Subscription you are testing is created and has been approved in all the App Stores through which you want to monetise your Products.

  3. Connect to the Purchasely Console

    • Navigate to Catalogue > Products & Plans

    • Check that the Plan you are trying to Display has been created and connected to the App Stores In-App Purchases.

      To do so :

      • Check that an App Store of the OS icon of the device you are testing is coloured.

      • If the Plan is created and connected :

        • Edit the plan to verify that the information you have entered is correct and matches the In-App Purchase information from the App Store OS you sell through.

      • If the Plan was not created

        • Create a new Plan and connect it to your In-App Purchase.
          Refer to "Creating a Product and Plan" page to do so.

    • Navigate to Catalogue > Paywalls

      • Check that the Plans are correctly associated within the Paywall

      • Edit the Paywall which you have set on "Default"

      • Go to the "Purchase buttons" tab

      • Check the Plan selected was correctly connected to the App Store OS you are testing

  4. Check in your code that IsReadyToPurchase is done as soon as your App is ready / initialised :

    • If you handle Anonymous Users IsReadyToPurchase can be done right after the call to Purchasely.start.

    • For all other Apps, implement IsReadyToPurchase just after user login.

If the issue still persists after checking all the above points, please get in touch with us.

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