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Final Pricing- Definition in Purchasely
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Final pricing

This is the price subscribers pay by default (once the intro or trial period has finished or when no intro or trial period has been defined in the stores). You can create a new pricing and/or edit the existing final pricing. But there are some points to remember before making any changes.

If you would like to change the price of a plan the best practices to follow are provided in this document.

Final pricing in the Purchasely Console

The final pricing of a plan is configured under the Purchase button or plan picker in the Paywall menu. You can use tags to define your pricing and duration.

Pay attention !!

  1. A change in price does not really mean a change in the intro price or trial period.

Change price = Change in the final price paid by the subscriber when their trial or intro period ends.

  1. Price change of an existing In-App Purchase

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