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What is a default paywall? How does it work?
What is a default paywall? How does it work?

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Why is a Default Paywall needed

A "default_presentation" is always required and will be automatically set in the Purchasely Console.

It is used when:

  • Multiple Paywalls are set within your App Front-End.
    The"default_presentation" will be used to fallback in case of a missing parameter when calling a specific Paywall using a fixed or dynamic presentation_ID.

  • Opening a Deeplink or a call to open a Paywall without argument using Purchasely SDK

To access, visualise and set-up a Default Paywall, connect to Purchasely Console and navigate to Catalogue > Paywalls.

Other uses for Default Paywall - Apple

Setting "default_presentation" on a plan is very important on iOS to handle Promoted In-App Purchase in the App Store.

On click the App will open and the SDK will directly serve the default paywall associated with the plan, after you made sure to set "isReadyToPurchase" to "true"

If no "default_presentation" is specified otherwise, the SDK will serve the default layout of the product, and if not, the default layout of the App.

Being able to set a specific layout for your plan saves you from having to display a generic layout that:

  • Either does not contain the plan (help!)

  • Or would contain other plans that you would not want the user to see, such as targeted re-engagement promotional offer plan for example.

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