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CTA custom Action

Various actions that you can perform with a CTA button in the Purchasely paywall builder

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With certain templates in Purchasely, you can perform different actions with your CTA button other than making a Purchase.

This feature is available only on the following templates:


Carousel Plan picker

Feature list & steps

Feature list

Feature list & countdown

Feature list overlay

Feature list & plan picker with 2 columns

Feature list & reviews

Feature list reviews & steps

Landscape carousel

Landscape steps

Landscape carousel & plan picker horizontal

Long paywall

Long paywall with carousel

Long paywall with carousel & table

Long paywall table

Long paywall with FAQ

Long paywall with feature list

Long paywall with review

Onboarding carousel

Review plan picker horizontal


Table review

Table V2

Table with 4 columns




The different types of actions that you can perform are:


Purchase action lets you show the plan price and make a purchase. It is the classic action of the paywall.

ACTION: Purchase

PLAN: Choose a plan from the dropdown list

Purchase custom action

⚠️ It's mandatory to use PRICE or AMOUNT + DURATION or AMOUNT + PERIOD for a purchase action.


Close action lets you customize your CTA button to close the paywall.


Close custom action

For ex., You can use this action for Maybe later / Remind me later / Skip for now.

Open Presentation:

Open presentation action lets you link one paywall with another.

ACTION: Open presentation

PRESENTATION: Choose a paywall from the dropdown list

Open presentation custom action

For ex., Build a sequence of paywalls to present the advantages of premium features on the first screen and to display a paywall to purchase a plan or OTP.


  • Please try to make a simple paywall link. If you try to link more paywalls, it will be difficult for you to track them.

  • You can not see the flow of the linked paywall in the Purchasely paywall preview.

  • The conversion rate and dashboard statistics will be calculated only for the paywall with which users make a purchase.


Deeplink action lets you add a deeplink.

ACTION: Deeplink

LINK: Add a deeplink URL

Deeplink custom action

For ex., You can add a link to update billing/open my account/show a native screen or paywall.


Webpage action lets you add a website URL.

ACTION: Webpage

LINK: add a webpage URL

Webpage custom action

For ex., You can provide a link to Q&A / Survey questionnaire / Terms and Conditions.

⚠️ You should not link to the page to purchase outside of the store.


Restore action lets you restore a purchase.

ACTION: Restore

Restore custom action

Promo code:

Promo code action lets you make promo code campaigns by sharing a custom code.

ACTION: Promo code

PROMO CODE: Fill in the custom code

OPEN APPSTORE: Enable Open link on click

Promo code custom action

⚠️ This feature can be used only for Apple custom codes.

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