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Adding a user to the console?
Adding a user to the console?

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(released May 2021)

📣 - You can now invite your teammates to the console and grant them access to specific Apps in the Console

Enabling In-App Purchases in your Product takes a village. In other words it often requires collaboration and aligment between different departments like Product, Tech, Marketing and Revenue Management teams.

This is why we have now made it easy for you to invite your fellow team members and give them access to the Apps relevant to them to make sure everyone is enabled to contribute while staying focused.

Let's dive into this new feature and give you the keys to navigate it in a few simple steps

Invite a New User

  • Navigate to the bottom left and click over your Company Name

  • Select Users & Access

✏️ Tip - Quick access via :

  • This opens the overview of all Users and their accesses

  • Click on + Invite a new user on the top right corner

  • Fill-in the different fields

    • First name

    • Last name

    • email


You can now set a role for the new user.
We currently offer 2 types of roles :

Admin : will be able to invite new users, view and edit any users rights and access of the App it has access to.

Member : can access the Apps and lits of all users of the Apps it has access to.

  • Select the role for the new user

Granting Access to Apps

By default you see no App is selected when inviting a new user.

For now granting an App access to any user gives them the abililty to access and edit all information and set-up in the console.

Different options can be enabled :

  • All apps : toggle-on "All apps" will give access to all your existing apps for this user. This mode also ensures that the user gets automatic access to any future App created in the console in the by any member having the right to do so.

  • Individual apps : toggle-on or off any of the listed individual Apps to give or restrict access.

⚠️ Toggling-off any of the individual App unselect "All apps" and prevents the user to be added automatically to any App created in the console in the future.

✏️ Tip - If you need to give access to a majority of Apps, toggle-on "All apps" first and then manually toggle-off the ones which should be restricted, it will save you some time.

💡 Idea - Only give access to your Production App environment to the person in charge of tracking Sales and Revenue so they always land on the performance Dashboard each time they connect to the console.

  • When you are all set to go, click on "Invite"

  • You are redirected to the dashboard where you can see the new member and get a direct overview of this role and the App he has access to.

✏️ Tip - Make sure to upload a specific App icon in the App settings (under "General") of your different Apps so you can easily identify who has specific access to them in the Users & Access dashboard.

Editing Members Rights

An Admin can access, update or revoke entire access to the console to any member at any time. To do so :

  • Go back to the Users & Access dashboard

  • Click on the ... icon at the far right

  • Click on "Edit"

  • The User Access control window open

    • First Name, Last Name and emails fields cannot be edited

    • and you can now see a "Delete" button option in the bottom left corner which can be used to remove this User from your console.

  • Adjust the "Role" and toggle-on and off "Apps" options as needed

  • Click "Save"
    You are taken back to the "Users & Access"overview where the profile has been updated

  • To go back to the Console, click on "Back to app dashboard"on the bottom left of the screen

More Tips & Tricks

We recommend you set one App for each of your environments to be able to develop, test and deliver.

These should be connected to your different Back and Front-End environments, using the App specific Purchasely API key (found in the Console under "Settings" > "App settings" > "Backend & SDK configuration" tab)

On average, our client run 3 Apps in Purchasely for each of the App they distribute.

  • Dev

  • Staging

  • Production

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