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Understanding the Connected, the Anonymous and the Unknown users
Understanding the Connected, the Anonymous and the Unknown users

Details about the connected, anonymous and unknown users in Purchasely Console

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Connected users

Connected users are users who log in to your app (with their email credentials) and have subscribed to one of your subscription plans (through the Purchasely SDK)

Anonymous users:

Anonymous users are subscribers who do not log in to your app but do buy subscriptions to your plan. The subscriptions are created through the Purchasely SDK (creation of their subscription is therefore done through the Purchasely SDK).

Unknown users:

An unknown user is a person whose subscription is known not by the Purchasely SDK but via S2S (Server-to-server S2S notifications are available on each App Store, to get real-time notifications of purchases, renewals... etc. It consists of messages, sent by the App Stores, every time an event occurs on a subscription)

Unknown users are created in two possible scenarios

Scenario 1: Family Sharing

The fact that they are "unknown" is normal in the case of family sharing, since at the time the rights are granted to family members (and therefore we receive the S2S), they have not yet opened the app, so we cannot associate them with any person. However, the day they install/open the app, their rights will automatically be unlocked.

And when these users open the app and do a restore, you'll get a classic webhook with the real user ID, and it will work autonomously.

Scenario 2: An issue occurs during the subscription

Unknown users are also created when we receive an S2S without even before getting the information from the Purchasely SDK. This might happen

  • if the app was closed during the purchase

  • if a network issue occurs during the purchase

  • when the purchase has been made on an old version of your app not containing the Purchasely SDK

A click on restore will fix the problem.

What do you have to do for an unknown user?


As you can see on this subscription's page, webhooks won't be sent to unknown users:

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