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Use case - Leveraging subscription attributes to avoid involuntary churn
Use case - Leveraging subscription attributes to avoid involuntary churn

Targeting subscribers who are in grace period

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Define a campaign to avoid Involuntary churn of subscribers who are in grace period using Engagement and Subscription Attributes in Purchasely.

Our Engagement and Subscription Attributes are powerful tools that allow you to better understand and connect with your audience. By leveraging these attributes, you can gain valuable insights and tailor your content to better meet the needs and interests of your subscribers.


  1. Upgrade to the Purchasely SDK version 4.2 or above

  2. Make sure all or most of your user base is in the Purchasely SDK version 4.2 or above.

Why target Involuntary Churn (Grace period)?

With the downturn, many users need to make arbitrations between all their premium memberships or can have insufficient funds when they are billed.

You can also propose a relevant offer in the right timing to increase LTV of your subscriber.

Customers in grace period

Subscribers in Grace Period

Step 1 - Create audiences Premium members in grace period

With the following parameters:

AND subscription_status= In Grace Period

Note that you could combine this set of attributes with any other attribute (built-in or custom) that would make sense to you.

Step 2 - Create a paywall Update billing details

Here are some tips to design your paywall:

  1. Mention the premium benefits they might lose.

  2. Use the CTA to direct the user to the payment update page.

Step 3 - Map the placement

  1. Create a placement INVOLUNTARY CHURN

  2. Map the placement with the audience Premium members in grace period and the paywall Update billing details

  3. Map the placement with everyone else to β€œNone”

  4. Call the placement with the placement ID β€œinvoluntary_churn” at the app start

Step 4 - Set up the Campaign

If you're using a 3rd party engagement / mCRM tool compatible with Purchasely, you can enable the EVENTS or USER PROPERTIES forwarding

Example of USER PROPERTIES forwarding from the Purchasely Console for the Batch integration

Then you can create a push notification or in-app campaign in your engagement platform, leveraging the USER PROPERTIES sent by the Purchasely platform.

This campaign is linked back to the placement you created thanks to its deeplink
=> when the user clicks on the push notification, it opens the app and the associated placement/paywall automatically.

Example of campaign configuration in Batch:

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