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Can I delete a Plan from the PlayStore or AppStore?
Can I delete a Plan from the PlayStore or AppStore?

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You have created a Pricing to monetize your App, but now want to make changes to your Paywall either to offer a limited promotion or test different price points. As a result, want to remove from the sale one of your Plans / In-App Purchases currently on offer.

This is totally fine and Purchasely is here to help you iterate easily on these.

A few things you need to take into consideration when doing so:

  • In-App Purchase management rules vary between the different OS AppStores.
    That is because each has its own commercial approach to monetization and promotion. This is why Purchasely is here, to remove the complexity of managing different ways of doing things and harmonizing everything, so you don't have to do it.

Here are the main points to know:

  • Apple App Store (iOS) allows you to activate or deactivate an In-App Purchase and make it ready for sale.

  • Google Play Store (Android) does not allow you to remove an In-App Purchase that has been created and is (or has ever been) available for sale.

  • Either way, you still have control over what you offer to your unsubscribed users by showing them the In-App Purchases you want them to make.

An important thing to remember: once a user is subscribed to an auto-renewing subscription purchase, they are entitled to keep it until they actively cancel it, or until you decide to change the price in the iOS App Store and they fail to agree to the price change.

Because of this, you need to check the following:

  • You bring all legacy plans you have active subscribers by connecting them to the Purchasely Console.

  • You DO NOT REMOVE any plan with active subscribers from the Purchasely Console, even if you do not wish to sell this plan again in your App.
    Without that information we will be unable to renew the plans and inform your back-end to open access rights. This will lead to churn and loss of revenue.

When it comes to pricing strategy and monetisation, it is down to your choice and business plans. There could be more options available to you than only a price change, as these show a high risk of churn.
Please check our: Setting-Up your Monetisation Strategy article for the best approaches to maximize revenue.

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