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Video Paywalls in Purchasely
Video Paywalls in Purchasely

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Purchasely now supports video format in its Paywalls.

This feature is ideal for on-demand video, audio or any other business type which uses video to promote their application to engage and convert users better.

Why videos in Paywalls?

Videos are the new hot topic, and for good reason. A few facts on this:

  • 34% higher conversion rates experienced by marketers who incorporate video into their campaigns.

  • 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.

  • Instagram video ads attract three times more engagement than sponsored images.

How does it work?

Simply add an HLS video URL in your paywall via the console to activate the feature.

Videos are only compatible with our "Features" templates Paywalls:

  • Features List

  • Feature List Overlay

  • Feature list & Plan Picker

Video specs

  • HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format

  • We recommend 40Mo Maximum file

  • Audio supported.

Audio can be startling and perceived as intrusive by your users in their experience, this is to take into consideration knowing that a user cannot mute (for now) the audio when interacting with paywalls in your app.

Other requirements

  • A fallback image if the video can't be displayed.
    We recommend using a still image from the video. Uses the same ratio and size as the video frame.

Step 1 - Create your HLS video URL

If your video file is not in HLS format (HTTP live streaming), we recommend using Cloudinary to make the conversion and create a URL of the video.

  • Go to and register for Free

  • Go to Media Library

  • Create a New Folder

    • Name it and save it
      (💡 - use Purchasely)

    • Double click on the new folder to open it

    • ⚠️ - Upload your original video file via the file upload manager (⚠️ - we recommend a 40Mo maximum video file size)

    • Once the upload is complete

      • Click on the tool icon on the video file (alternatively double click on the file to open and select Transform on the top right corner)

      • On the left-hand side you can see all the options to adjust the format

        • Format & shape Section > Format: select M3U8 Playlist (HLS)

        • Video Section > Audio Codec: you can disable the audio if your file has one

        • Copy the HTTPS URL below the Preview

Step 2 - Insert the video URL in the Console

  • Go to the General tab.

    • Paste the .m3u8 link in the Video URL field.

    • Our previewer shows you how the video will look (ℹ️ - our previewer is based on iPhone X display).

    • Adjust the size of the Main Image to the height of the video.

    • Upload the video thumbnail as the Main image to fall back.

  • Save draft and Publish

Et voilà, you're done and ready to offer your users a more engaging paywall experience and drive more conversions as a result.

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