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How to create price A/B testing and Do's and dont's before you launch a price A/B test

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Create a new price A/B Test

To create a new price A/B test, you need to meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Ensure that you have version 3.2 SDK or above.

  2. Have at least one placement set up.

  3. Create at least one paywall and publish it.

  4. Make sure that you have created more than one plan.

Step 1: Open the Purchasely Console and click on the A/B Test section. From there, you have two options to start the process: Start your first A/B test or select New A/B Test.

Step 2: To create your new price A/B test, be sure to provide the mandatory fields such as Name, ID, and Placement. Additionally, you can include a brief description of the A/B test you're creating.

Please note the following when creating your A/B test:

  • Name and ID: both need to be unique.

  • Description: provide a short phrase to describe the test.

  • Type: choose the test type as Price. It's important to avoid mixing UI and price variations as it may lead to confusing and uninterpretable results.

  • Placement: only one placement can be selected per test. The same placement can’t be used for more than one test.

  • Audience: select the audience you want to run this test on.

Paywall: choose the paywall you want to run this test on.

Step 3: Select plans for the A/B/C test variants, respectively

Please note the following:

  • ID is created by default

  • Weight is assigned by default and can be customized as needed

  • Plans used: these are the plans you chose for this paywall in the paywall builder.

    ℹ️If you would like to change the plans for Variant A, you should do it from the paywall builder

  • Replaced by: For variant B, select the plans you want to replace the plans in variant A with

To ensure that you are fully prepared to launch a new Price A/B test, we recommend that you read our article 'Things to review before you launch a Price A/B test: 5 Dos of Price A/B test'. This article contains an essential checklist that will help you to avoid potential issues and ensure a successful test launch.

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