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A/B Test- Creation in Purchasely
A/B Test- Creation in Purchasely

How to set A/B test in Purchasely Console

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A/B testing paywalls are a great way to grow your business by minimizing risks and measuring the impact of changes.

Create a new UI A/B Test

Prerequisites: You should have:

  1. 3.2 SDK version

  2. 1 Placement

  3. Minimum of 2 Paywall(Paywall published)

Step 1: In Purchasely Console, Click on A/B Test --> you can either click on Start your first A/B test or New A/B Test.

Step 2: Provide the mandatory fields- Name, ID, and Placement. You can add a short description of the A/B test created.

Please note:

  • Name & ID: both have to be unique.

  • Description: a short phrase about the test.

  • Type: choose the type as UI

    ⚠️ You need to choose between UI and Price to avoid mixing different things in your variations which would lead to uninterpretable results.

  • Placement: Only one placement can be selected per test. If the Placement was already chosen for another test, it can't be used for another test.

  • Audience: choose the audience you would like to run this test on.

    Audiences in an A/B test is the practice of analyzing the performance of a primary or secondary outcome variable for particular sub-groups of the users. Thanks to the Audience feature in Purchasely now you can target specific audiences for your A/B testing.

    ⚠️ Please pay attention that you can't run multiple A/B tests for the same combination of Audience and Placement

Step 3: Select paywalls for the A/B/C test respectively

Please note:

  • ID- is created by default.

  • Weight- is assigned by default.

  • Paywall- you can choose any paywall that you have already created.

  • Total weight- your total weightage for all the tests you have created should be equivalent to 100. You can click on equalize to make them=100.

You can click on Save as a draft and Start A/B test whenever you are ready to run it.

⚠️ Attention:

  • Once you have started the A/B test:

    • You can neither edit the placement nor the paywall

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