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What are the different features available on Paywall Preview Page:

The Menu bar above the Paywall preview has many menu options.

  1. Territory/Store Dropdown list: List of countries and app stores your app is distributed. Read this article to know how it works.

  2. Show intro toggle button: Turning it on displays the native preview of the paywall shown to users (who are eligible for the intro offer).

  3. Orientation button: You can preview your paywall in Landscape and Portrait mode.

  4. Preview device selection area: you can preview the paywall display on a wide range of device types including Mobile, Tablet devices, and TV.

  1. Roll-back: All the changes made to the presentation since its last publication will be discarded.

  2. Save Draft: To save all the changes you have made to your Paywall before publishing it to live.

  3. Preview: QR code or deep link to view the Paywall before it goes live. Read this article to know the prerequisites.

  4. Publish: When you publish a paywall, it's ready to go live.

⚠️ Please remember:

  1. When you rename a paywall, you should publish it to see the name changes.

  2. You should publish the paywall in order to use it in A/B Testing.

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