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Placements - Overview and examples
Placements - Overview and examples
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What is a Placement?

A Placement represents a specific location in your app in your user journey (e.g. Onboarding, Settings, Home page, Article). A Placement is linked to a paywall and a single paywall can be used for different Placements.

You can create as many Placements as you want, and this is the only thing that ties the app developer to the marketer.

Once the Placements are defined and called from the app, you can change the displayed paywall remotely without any developer action.

Let's take the example of The New Yorker app which has many triggers to display paywalls.

For this specific case, The New Yorker will create 4 Placements: Nav Bar, Toaster, App launch, and Magazine issue.

Once these Placements are created the displayed paywalls for each Placement can be changed remotely, instantly, and independently.

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