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Customize placement for a target audience
Customize placement for a target audience

How to choose which paywall to show for your audience

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To associate the audience and paywall through placement in Purchasely,

you will have to

Once you have created a paywall, placement, and an audience it's time to associate them.

Customize for an audience:

The next step is to customize your placement for an audience.

Choose the audience and paywall you would like to display for the selected audience and hit Publish, everything is set!

How does it work?

ℹ️ By default, all the placements that you have created have a default paywall to display to EVERYONE of your mobile application users.

Once you have associated audiences to your placement, you need to prioritize the audiences to display the right paywall to a user who falls into more than one audience.

Click this link to know how to run the A/B test for a Target Audience

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