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Placements in Purchasely console
Placements - Purchasely Console Implementation
Placements - Purchasely Console Implementation

Procedure to define the placements in Purchasely Console

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How to create Placements in the Purchasely console

Creating Placements:

In the left menu area, you can find Placements under Catalogue.

Click on the top right corner of the Placements page on "New placement".

Then you will have to fill in different text fields.

  1. NAME: The name is a reference to the Placement created in Purchasely. It need not be unique.

  2. ID: The id is what the developer will need to call in the app. It has to be unique.

  3. DESCRIPTION: The description can give you and your team an idea of when and where this Placement will be displayed.

  4. PAYWALL: Here is where you choose the paywall to be displayed when the Placement is called in the app. This is where the magic happens, you will be able to edit and change the paywall chosen or displayed for that Placement whenever you want without any further developer action.

Once it's created, you can manage all your Placements at the same place and edit them whenever you see fit.

For example:

  1. You can create as many Placements as required to fit your app and user journey.

  2. Eg: Let's say that in your user journey you display a paywall right at the end of a new user onboarding. All you have to do is Create a New Placement dedicated to that touchpoint and name it Onboarding.

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