Promo code- Creation in Purchasely Console

How to configure Promo offers in Purchasely, Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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What is Promo pricing?

Promo pricing is a sales strategy that lets you temporarily reduce the price of a product or service to attract prospects and customers and help acquisition. You can offer promo pricing by generating promotional codes.

Promo Price in the Purchasely Console

You can configure the promo code in Purchasely under the Design menu in the paywall.

When you turn on the Show promo code link, it will add a promo code link to the paywall. Like the Native iOS flow, it opens the redemption sheet to enter a valid promo code with the offer price for the specific period. You can avoid the need for users to type the code by creating a deeplink. To read more about promo codes please check out the link below:

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