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Important update about the promo code-Google play console
Important update about the promo code-Google play console

Please read this before implementing promo code in Google play console

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Attention: Google doesn't support promo codes on subscription with billing version 5 and 6 (current ones in use)

Let us explain:

What is a Promo Code?- For those who are not familiar, a promo code is a unique code or custom code that can be used to redeem a discount or special offer on your purchase. These codes are often distributed by companies as a marketing strategy to encourage users to download and use their app.

What do you have to know before launching promo code campaign in Google ?

Google Play Billing v6 is the latest version for Android devices, and since Billing v5 in May 2022, Google no longer sends promo code information through their API. We rely on Google's API to handle promo codes for our app. However, with the latest update, Google has stopped sending this information through their API, making it impossible for us to process promo codes. In addition, the promo code are only available for backward compatible plans, meaning Google Play Billing v4 and since Nov 2023, Google billing version 4 is not accepted by Google.

What can you do as an alternative ?

You can use “developer determined” offer on a plan that you create specifically as special offer.
You can also use our new Winback/Retention feature to offer a special discount for your churners

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