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Recent update on subscriptions in Google play console
Recent update on subscriptions in Google play console

Google play subscription product

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The recent change in the google play console in the way Subscription Products are defined and managed in the Google play console comes with 2 main advantages:

  1. Greater flexibility in selling subscriptions

  2. Reduce the complexity of managing subscriptions

Important changes

  1. Updating subscription price

    1. Only applies to new purchases

    2. Existing subscribers will pay as per legacy price cohorts

  2. Country availability

    1. Create multiple offers, each available in the locations you choose

    2. Enable or disable offers as desired.

What happens to the older subscriptions

Created Before May 2022

From May 2022

  • Has been included the subscription benefits and a single billing period, price, and free trial/intro price setting

  • If you wanted multiple billing periods or pricing, additional subscriptions are required

  • New subscription's benefits are separated from base plans and offers which makes it easier to sell your subscriptions in various ways

  • Each subscription now has a single base plan with the old subscription’s billing period

  • Any free trial or intro price was converted into an offer

  • Now there can be multiple base plans and offers for a single subscription

Backward compatible offers

In order to maintain compatibility with legacy apps and backend integrations, in the Console UI there is a single “backward compatible” base plan or offer per subscription. This must be enabled to be compatible with Purchasely.

  • Currently, several subscriptions features only support the backward compatible offer. These features are:

    • Subscription promo codes

    • Featured subscriptions

    • Subscribe with Google

  • In the Play Console, these features only allow you to select a subscription, not a base plan or offer. When you select a subscription, that subscription’s backward compatible offer will be used.

  • You can only create a promotion code for a backward-compatible subscription

  • Prepaid plans, upgrade offers, developer-determined offers, and tags are not supported.

  • Important: For any subscriptions in which you’re using these features, we recommend you do not change the backward compatible offer without carefully considering how it affects your use of these features.

Country and region targeting

  1. Your base plan or offer should be made available to any new locations that Google Play may support in the future.

  2. They’ve back-filled all your existing subscriptions so that if you previously targeted “Other countries/regions,” you’ll continue to target all countries within this group. Nothing has changed for plans that do not have “Other countries/regions.”

  3. You’ll also see the “New countries/regions” option, if you specify it when Google Play adds support for additional countries/regions, Google will use these availability and price settings.

  4. After new countries/regions are supported, you can edit your subscription in Play Console to make them available if desired

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