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Target Audience in Purchasely
Target Audience in Purchasely

What are audiences in Purchasely and how does it work?

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A Target Audience is a paywall personalization feature that can use A/B testing. They are created to offer your users the custom-made purchase experience.


To understand more let us start with an example; Say that you own a fitness app and you have two groups of users

  1. who would like to lose weight and get fit

  2. who would like to get trained for a marathon

You will not show the same paywall for these different segments of users. The Target Audience feature of Purchasely plays a major role to achieve paywall personalization. In addition to that, you can A/B test the paywall/price on your Target Audiences.

How are they segmented?

You segment your mobile application users based on a few criteria, in order to customize their paywall. Those criteria are Attributes. There are built-in and user attributes.

⚠️Please note that the value of the user attributes should be sent by your developer to us through the SDK.

Check out this article to know the prerequisites to use the Target Audiences feature in Purchasely.

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