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Localization in Purchasely Console
Localization in Purchasely Console

Languages available and things to note before using them

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The Purchasely Console lets you personalize your app in 18 languages.

English French German Spanish Portuguese Italian Czech Polish Greek Chinese (Simplifed and traditional) Japanese Russian Turkish Swedish Korean Indonesian Arab Dutch

When a new application is created in our Console, you will be asked to choose the default language. Please note that this choice can't be modified.

E.g. if you have chosen English as a default language, by default the localization will be set to English in the paywall builder.

You have the same list of 18 languages in your paywall builder.

The wordings of the footer in the paywall align as per the language chosen under localization.

Customizing images-

You don't have to re-upload all the images. You can simply copy them from the original paywall using the dedicated button.

⚠️ But if the image contains texts, then you will have to upload images corresponding to the localized language.

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