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Smart Localization- premium feature
Smart Localization- premium feature
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The Purchasely Console lets you localize your paywall and app in more than 15 languages.

With this latest feature, you can upload a single file with translated texts and personalize multiple paywalls.

How to use the localization feature?

In order to use this premium feature, you should have

1. Upload your translation file:

  • Go to App settings -> General -> App Translate -> Upload your translation

  • If you need help building the translation file, feel free to Download a sample

  • In the sample, you can find the key equivalent to the different titles, subtitles, promo titles etc

  • The language added using the language code in the column title as shown below:

  • Refer to this article before uploading your translation file- Tags article

  • You will find the latest upload date of the translation file.

  • Download your translation will help you know the contents of your previously uploaded translation file.

2. Enable localization mode for your paywalls

  • Enable localization for your paywall from Localization -> + -> Localization

  • ⚠️The pop-up box displays an important message about the feature: if you proceed with the localization mode, the existing text on the paywall will be lost. Click Confirm to continue

    ℹ️ If you decide to change your mind, you can use the rollback feature to revert to the latest published version of your paywall 😊

  • As soon as you confirm the above pop-up, your paywall will be wiped off.

  • You will find translations you have uploaded for all the languages you have added to the file.

  • You'll find all the translations you've uploaded for the languages included in the file.

  • You will be able to fill in every title and subtitle with the text you provided in the translation file.

  • Save and publish 👍

⚠️ Please make sure to be transparent about the price of the plan in the CTA buttons.

How to add a new language?

  1. If you wish to add a new language, you'll need to upload a translation file.

  2. Once you have added the file, you will notice the paywalls that support localization are marked for localization updated.

3. You will see the newly added language and you'll need to provide the corresponding visuals.

How to edit my existing translation?

  1. If you want to make changes to an existing translation, you'll need to upload a file containing the updated text.

  2. As soon as you uploaded a new file, you will see the paywalls that are localization enabled will be marked for localization updated.

3. you can choose which text to update by selecting it from the new file.

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