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Why the QRCode to preview my paywall doesn't work?
Why the QRCode to preview my paywall doesn't work?

Starting with native SDK 3.3.0, Purchasely allows you to preview a paywall on device.

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The preview feature is super handy to preview a paywall on a real device but requires a minimal setup to be working:

  • Have the native SDK 3.3.0 (or 2.3.0 for Flutter, ReactNative and Cordova)

  • You need to define the app scheme of your app (iOS, Android)

  • You need to active the deeplinks for Purchasely SDK

  • You need to save your paywall

⚠️ You won't be able to perform purchases in preview mode.

Still not working on Android ?

On some devices, deeplinks like myapp:// are not opened by the camera, this is a limitation from Google.
Instead you can use App Links like as the scheme for your application.
Our platform will then use a link in this format: embedded in the QR Code that should work on your device if you have followed Android documentation

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