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Why are the revenue dashboards different from Apple and Google reports?
Why are the revenue dashboards different from Apple and Google reports?
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Purchasely is computing itself the subscribers and revenue dashboards based on our own transactional data from our own database. Which allow us to offer you the information in real time instead of having to wait 36+ hours on Apple and Google consoles.

it is great but if you compare very carefully you might see some differences.

Why are the reports different?

If you compare both Apple / Google data and ours you might notice some differences. These differences should be under a 1% error margin.

Many factor explain these differences:

  • Timezones
    The revenues are attributed at the GMT date not the date of the store. A transaction processed at 01/01/2022 at 5PM in California will be attributed to the 02/01/2022. On App Store and Google reports it will be in 01/01/2022.

  • Exchange rates
    We display the revenues in the currency of your choice. To do so we use the forex conversion rates provided by Fixer for each day. The computation of the store might also be different especially considering the timezones.

  • VAT
    Google reports don't include VAT in some countries (US, Canada, …) but do in some others (European countries) which is very confusing and misleading. All our revenue graphs include both VAT and store fees to help you compare data on the same basis.

  • Estimations
    The stores don't always provide the paid price (Apple never does) and in some circumstances (like an import) the price is provided by you and might just be $9.99 for everyone. In these cases, we use different levels of price estimation and we refine it over time. This might also explain why numbers in the past might also change as we refine our estimation.

  • Imports
    If you started selling subscriptions before integrating Purchasely our dashboard won't be fully accurate until you either

  • S2S notifications

    Configuring S2S notifications is essential in order to maintain accurate records of your store's refunds and to ensure that dashboard revenue data is up to date.

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