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What is Purchasely? How does it work?
What is Purchasely? How does it work?

Platform / Back-End / Front-End / SDK / Architecture

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Purchasely is the only in-App payment and subscription SaaS platform from build to interface which is compliant with mobile, TV and app store guidelines to give back App Editors full control and ease to increase and retain cross-channel subscribers — in days instead of weeks.

It is composed of :

  • Mobile SDKs for iOS & Android that get integrated within your app.

  • The Purchasely Cloud Platform, which is a backend plugged with the Mobile Applications Store and your own backend.

  • The Web Console, which allows you to access pretty much everything you need to make Purchasely Work.

The Purchasely Cloud Platform

This is the the backend component.

  • It is plugged with the different App Stores. It receives direct server-to-server notifications when something new happens in a Subscriber lifecycle.

  • The events received from the stores are normalised and directly forwarded by Purchasley to your Backend thanks to the unified Webhook.

The Purchasely SDK

This is the front component.
There are 2 native SDKs : one for iOS and one for Android. It is also available for React Native;

  • It integrates directly with your mobile application and handles the entire subscription flow. From the display of the subscription sheet (also called product presentation) to the final validation of the subscription with the store.

  • The SDK directly retrieves the receipts from the différent App Stores and sends them to the Purchasely Cloud Platform to validate them.

The Purchasely Console

This is the web back-office interface, to which only administrators have access.

It has the following purposes :

  • Manage initial setup of the mobile applications

  • Manage the Products & Plan catalogue

  • Create and Manage Presentations

  • Access subscribers lifecycle and information (fully anonymised and GDPR compliant)

  • Track Subscriptions performance & revenues

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