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Interpretation of data in the Subscription lookup page

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The subscription lookup page provides you the list of renewing and non-renewing subscriptions purchased from your application.

You can see both production and sandbox purchases on this page.

  1. ID: It is an ID given to the subscription by Purchasely

  2. Active: denotes the current status of the subscription

    1. yes- The subscription is active

    2. no- The subscription is terminated

  3. Auto Renew: denotes

    1. yes- auto renewal enabled for the specific subscription

    2. no- auto renewal disabled for the specific subscription

  4. Created At: This field denoted the date and time when the subscription was activated for the first time. The date and time are based on your system time zone

  5. Plan: This denotes the name of the plan that you have created in the Purchasely console

  6. Offer Type: This field denotes the type of offer- promo code/free trial/intro offer subscription was purchased

  7. Platform: This field has information about the mobile platform from which the subscription was purchased. It can be Apple, Android, Huawei, and Amazon

  8. Sandbox: This field contains information about if the purchase was made in the Sandbox Environment

    1. yes- for a sandbox testing

    2. no- for a real time purchase

  9. User: ID created by the user before purchasing the subscription. Refer to this article to know the different types of userID in Purchasely.

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