Concept of grouping subscriptions:

The App Store will prevent you from purchasing both by starting a migration that can be an upgrade/downgrade or crossgrade.

For example, see below the feasible probabilities:

  1. They can have both a Gold Monthly and a Premium Yearly active at the same time because they are in 2 different subscription groups

  2. They can not have had a Silver Monthly and Gold Monthly active at the same time because they are in the same subscription group

Pay attention !!

The In-App Purchases inside a Subscription group in the App Store and the Plans inside a Product in Purchasely should be leveled accordingly to maintain the migration policy in Purchasely’s console. If not, Purchasely's events won't match actions on iOS, and Google Play Store won't work as desired. If there is any discrepancy between them, the App Store can still work based on their native migration policy but the Google Play Store will not work as desired.

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