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Description of Product, Plan and Pricing

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Products and Plans

Let us see about the products and plans concept of the Purchasely Console.

Subscription groups in the App Store Connect are equivalent to the products in the Purchasely Console while the In-App Purchases in App Store Connect are equivalent to the plans in the Purchasely Console.

Subscription group = Products in Purchasely

In-App Purchases = Plans in Purchasely

  1. What is a Subscription group?

  2. Why were there several Subscription groups created?

  3. What are the migration policies and their types (downgrade, upgrade and crossgrade), and what happens when we migrate?

  4. How does the concept of a Subscription group work with other stores?

Responses to all of the above questions are available in this document.

When a new plan is created in the Purchasely Console, it is associated with the In-App Purchase. This connection is made using the Product ID that you have defined in App Store Connect.

App Store Connect Screenshot

Purchasely Console Screenshot


The subscription pricing is always handled by the respective application store not by Purchasely. When you create a plan, you will define the starting price of the subscription plan in the App Store, See the screenshot below for your reference.

There are three different types of pricing for an application subscription:

Creating Products and Plans in Purchasely

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