To test your application you must have the following

  1. The Google account as a license tester for the Google Play Console account.

  2. The package name match that of the app that is configured for Google Play

With the help of License tester account, you will be able to

  1. Bypass the Google play billing check for apps that aren't signed and uploaded to Google Play

  2. Access to test payment methods that avoid charging the real money

You can use the test payment methods to simulate payment accepted and payment declined.

⚠️ Please note:

  1. Should be at least equal to the one you have uploaded to Google Play Console with Purchasely SDK

  2. You should do an release internal testing version to do a test

  3. Make sure to add the users to testers and license testers as well

Creating License Tester account:

More information on Android developer website

Complementary details about the test purchase process:

  • Test purchases use the same app purchase flow as the actual purchases

  • Taxes are not computed for test purchases

  • Google Play indicates a test purchase by displaying a notice across the center of the purchase dialog

For your attention

  • Test accounts must be on the tester's Android device

  • If the device has more than one account, the purchase is made with the account that downloaded the app

  • If none of the accounts have downloaded the app, the purchase is made with the first account

Test one-time products

Test consumable products

While testing consumable products, Google recommends to test various scenarios as follows

  1. Successful payment and user receive the item, with the license tester account use the Test instrument, always approves payment method.

  2. Failed payment and user shouldnt receive an item, with the license tester account use the Test instrument, always declines payment method.

  3. Check if items can be purchased multiple times

  4. Verify the purchases are acknowledged

Test non-consumable products

Non-consumables should be tested the like a consumables, but you should check an item cannot be purchased again within your app. Be sure to verify purchase acknowledgement for both non-consumables and consumables (when applicable) since the logic to process each the two types of purchases vary.

Test Subscription specific features

The purchase flows for one-time products and subscriptions are same, however subscriptions have additional scenarios, such as successful or declined subscription renewals. To test the same, you can use Test instrument, always approves and Test instrument, always declines payment methods as a license tester. You should make sure that the purchases are acknowledged.

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