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How to new create audiences from scratch in Firebase

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Firebase Analytics is a free analytics platform. It is based on the event-based analytics solution.

Firebase Analytics Audiences:

This platform lets you create audiences and segment them in a way that makes sense to your business. You can segment them as user subsets by events, user properties, and combine events, parameters, or any desired attributes to include.

You can use audience segmentation for the following purposes:

  1. Filter reports to analyze how different user segments engage with your app.

  2. Send customized notifications to target audiences.

  3. Target Remote Config to deliver custom experiences to different audiences.

As Firebase gets new data about users, their audience memberships are reevaluated to ensure they still meet the audience criteria. If the latest data indicate they no longer meet the criteria, they are removed from those audiences (source).

You can create up to 100 audiences per project. After creating an audience, it accumulates users who meet the conditions from that point onward. It can take 24-48 hours for the audience to accumulate users.

Three ways to create audiences in Firebase analytics:

  • Create a new audience by defining all the parameters yourself.

  • Use a template and modify the existing parameters.

  • Select a suggested audience. You can use it as it is, or modify it to suit your needs.

Creating a new audience from scratch:

  1. Go to Audiences in the Analytics section of the left navigation bar in Firebase.

  2. Click on the new audience button.

  3. Select create custom audience.

  4. The upcoming screen lets you provide criteria to create custom audiences.

  5. Under the General tab, select your audience type from the list (Recently active users, Non-purchasers and Purchasers).

  6. From the following screen, you will be able to filter your audiences based on the different events Purchasely is sending to Google Firebase.

    Prerequisite: To perform this step you have to use our Firebase Integration.

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