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Installing and keeping the SDK up to date and supported Frameworks
Installing and keeping the SDK up to date and supported Frameworks

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The different types of Application Frameworks

Applications can be developed in different ways, using Native or Hybrid Code.

Native apps are built for a specific operating system, such as iOS and Android, this means developers need to write separate code for both Android and iOS. Native apps are more flexible and offer better performance as well as security. They follow particular guidelines to enhance user experience, so developers can leverage all the features of a given operating system.

Hybrid apps, on the other hand, are built to work across any OS and share the same code base. Having a single shared codebase allows the developers to add new functionalities to multiple versions of the app and usually enables .

With that in mind it is your choice to make the choice which fits best the needs of your business taking in account parameters such as time, costs and overall developer resources for maintenance.

Here is the exhaustive list of main Frameworks and Progamming Languages:

Frameworks :

  • iOS

  • Android

  • ReactNative

  • Cordova / Ionic

  • Flutter

Languages :

  • Swift / Objective-C (iOS)

  • Kotlin / Java (Android)

  • Typescript / Javascript (ReactNative, Ionic, Cordova)

  • Dart (Flutter)

Purchasely SDK compatibility

Purchasely supports both Native and Hybrid Frameworks, find here the links to download the latest versions of our SDKs.

Overall, it is good practice to keep your SDK to the most up to date version.

You can subscribe to all SDK Updates for iOS and Android on Purchasely GitHub repository by clicking on "Watch" in the top right corner then select "Custom" and tick the box "Releases"

You can also set-up a tool for your code to automatically update dependencies for all Purchasely Minor updates. The main dependency managers are Cocoa Pods (iOS), Carthage (iOS), Swift Package Manager (iOS) and Gradle (Android).

In the last 6 months, some of our updates included : Supporting Video in Paywalls, Amazon, TV ratio optimisation, Custom Font, Left to Right management, Cordova between other and our roadmap is filled with upcoming improvements.

This is why we strongly recommend you to enable these tools and stay up to date on all releases.

Is your Framework missing?

If the Framework you are using is not listed here above but you would like to integrate Purchasely, get in touch with us.

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