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Paywall -Creation in Purchasely Console
Paywall -Creation in Purchasely Console
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Creation of Paywall in Purchasely Console with No-Code Paywall Builder:

In the left menu catalog, you can find Paywalls.

Click "New paywall" on the top right corner of the Paywalls page.

The next screen you see have a start-of-the-art paywall templates to win over your users.

Choose the one that suits your business and marketing needs

  1. Name: the name is a reference to the Placement created in Purchasely. It need not be unique

  2. Vendor ID: This is the unique identifier linked to every paywall and you can set it to the value you want. It will be used in the SDK to display a specific Paywall. To keep data and conversion analysis consistent, this value should not be changed once the App has been released in production.

Purchasely Paywalls catalog :

The paywalls page displays the list of all paywalls that you have created in your Purchasely console.

  1. Paywall: is the name of your paywall

  2. Paywall id: is the vendor id of your paywall

  3. Placement name: is the name of the all placements the specific paywall is associated

  4. Conversion: is the conversion rate(percentage) of the specific paywall.

    ⚠️If a paywall is not used for more than 30 days you will not see any conversation rate.

  5. Customize: is the ellipsis ( ⋮ ) you see for every paywall. You can edit, delete and duplicate a paywall using this customize ellipsis

  6. Paywall preview: is the preview of published version of your paywall

  7. New paywall:is the button you click to create a new paywall

  8. A/B: label indicates the specific paywall is in active A/B test

  9. Default: label indicates the specific paywall is displayed by default in your application

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