Subscription price- Modification in Apple Store

In Apple App Store Connect- Things to remember before modifying the final price

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In-App Store Connect

  1. You can preserve unlimited active subscribers at their current price while increasing the price for new subscribers

  2. If you increase the price, every active subscriber will be asked if they accept the price increase (with a native flow handled by iOS). If they don’t (95% of the subscribers don’t), their subscription will be canceled automatically at their next renewal. The risk is thus to lose the majority of your subscriber base.

  3. if you lower the price, the new price will be applied automatically to all active subscribers, which can result in a decrease in revenue.

  4. You can track users' consent status before the change takes effect.

  5. Before displaying the price increase sheet to affected users, you may show an

    in-app message that explaining the subscription's benefits and how the price increase improves the service.

How price increases are communicated to existing subscribers

When you increase the price of an existing subscription including existing subscribers - Apple informs affected subscribers via email and push notification and asks them to agree to the new price.

Experimenting with different subscription groups for finding the right pricing strategy

t's highly suggested to create different subscription groups for identifying the most effective pricing strategy.

Often, it’s not as simple as the higher price, the greater profit, or the lower price, the more subscribers.

Take, for example, users will find $59.99 much more attractive than $76.99. Assuming your costs remain the same, lowering prices to increase the number of subscribers will also lower the profit margin you make on each subscription that you sell. On the other hand, lower prices can also lead to higher sales volumes, which may make up for the lower profit margin.

Every app must find a unique pricing strategy that provides a healthy balance between price, number of sales, as well as the value of the product.

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