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How to change the proration modes ?
How to change the proration modes ?
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As you might be aware of the fact that there are 5 types of proration mode while upgrading and downgrading subscription-

We are using following policies currently:







We suggest you to contact us in order to change them, just let us know which of the 5 policies you want us to apply for a downgrade, eqgrade or upgrade

What is policy_eqgrade?

eqgrade is the policy we are using when a user change their plan within the same level. For instance: if you have set a weekly at level 1 in our console and a monthly at level 1 too, when the user change from weekly to monthly, the eqgrade policy IMMEDIATE_WITHOUT_PRORATION will apply

Meaning that the monthly plan will be applied immediately to the user but they will start paying for it only when the weekly plan should have been renewed

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